Transactions at the Speed of Light

Our Features

A team member focuses on a 'we' mentality that includes creating remarkable experiences with others in the company

High ROI


Bitcoin Lightning Masternodes are being run all over the World.


No power hungry mining.

Masternodes and Staking

multiply your coins

Lightning Fast

send your coins in a flash


send coins anonymously using Darksend

Our Specifications

CoinTicker : BLTG

Max Supply: 70,000,000 coin

Block Time: 90 seconds

PoS Block Reward

64 at Block 88900 80

Stake age : 6 Hr

75% Block Reward for masternodes

Our RoadMap

Bitcoin Lightning
  • Windows wallet – done
  • Mac wallet – done
  • Linex wallet -done
  • Premine and testing - done
  • Air drops - first round done
  • Get on the first exchange - done
  • Get on ranking sites - mntop done,
  • done,
  • masternado done, masternodo rank done,
  • Marketing campaign
  • AGet on more exchanges
  • Android wallet
  • Web based wallet
  • Whitepaper
  • ISO wallet
  • BIP 38 intergration
  • Bring out Bitcoin lighting
  • branded debit card
  • Get coin accepted by merchants

About Bitcoin Lightning

Bitcoin Lightning is a coin designed to send fast, low-cost and secure transactions Worldwide. It is also an ideal coin for investment that gives a high-interest rate to investors through our Masternodes and staking.

Bitcoin Lightning

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